The design-studio of Troels Grum-Schwensen – GRUMDESIGN - primarily works with furniture-design, interior-design, buildings and exhibitions. Through the years, several innovative and sometimes prize-winning furniture-designs have arrived. The studio works with both Danish and international furniture-manufacturers.

In 2011 the cooperation with Randers resulted in the groundbreaking GRIP table. The GRIP table is inspired by tightrope walkers: Gravity challenging balance.

The idea occurred: can you create a table where gravity becomes a fellow-player instead of an opponent?

Is it possible to create a table which becomes more stable the more it is weighted? 

GRIP emerged after many ideas, experiments, drawings, calculations, and new drawings...

GRIP is an example showing that new ways are found by taking a step back and see everything from above. The design process has given life to a brand new flexible table system, appearing much simpler, than the preceding design-process.

To learn more about the designer Troels Grum-Schwensen, please visit his website: GRUMDESIGN