In September 2012, GRIP won the prestigious Danish Design Award.


Said by the jury:
"The GRIP table is a good example of renewal in Danish furniture design. The innovation is not only reflected in the expression of the table/system but also in the production method. The materials are well chosen, and the detailing is excellent. The grip table is a good example of a world-class design product with typical Nordic design characteristics. The table is robust, and as a free-standing piece of furniture it has a sculptural and simple expression."


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In June 2015 the GRIP TABLE won the international design- and architecture-prize; AZ-award in the Furniture-systems-category. Actually it won both the Jury’s prize and the so-called “people’s choice”.


Said by the jury:
“Given GRIPs universal nature, it´s surprising that it wasn´t invented sooner. Had Grum-Schwensen come up with the design sooner, perhaps children would draw tables differently today.”


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