The GRIP table is a new design inspired by tightrope walkers: Balance and control challenging gravity, in an artistic, playful and elegant expression.

GRIP is not only a new table. It is a fundamentally different and innovative way to construct a table.

Like a huge pair of tongs the jaws of the legs grab the central diamond-shaped beam.

Due to the special ingenious geometrics of the beam, the table gets more stable the more weighted it becomes. Instead of an opponent, gravity becomes a fellow-player. 

The user-friendly self-locking mounting system enables the position of the legs to be easily changed depending on the requirements of each situation.

According to the situation and the number of seats required it is possible to place the legs at the table ends or alternatively the legs can be placed further down the beam allowing the table ends to jut out.

The table is extremely flexible as the table legs can be easily removed and the table tops can be stacked against a wall – ready to quickly assemble the table again at a later time.

It is possible to construct the tables in very large lengths – by inserting more legs on the long beam as required. The central aluminum-beam is very strong and can easily manage free spans on more than 3 meters.

GRIP table-system is available in various lengths - from 131cm to infinite - many different leg-colors and different tabletop-materials.
GRIP basic is 800mm width and available with tops in compact-laminate and linoleum, GRIP meeting is 1080mm width. GRIP glass and GRIP wood has both 1000mm width tabletops.

GRIP has received several design-awards and nominations. Among them, first-prizes in Danish Design Award 2012 and the international AZ-award 2015.